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May  2011

Update on Pediatric Procedural Sedation



An early release paper in the journal Pediatrics (Couloures 2011) provides patient safety data from the Pediatric Sedation Research Consortium, a group of 38 organizations that provide self-audited data via a web-based data collection tool. They found an overall low rate of adverse events related to pediatric procedural sedation and no significant differences by nature of the specialty involved in the sedation. Rates of major complications ranged from 7.6 to 12.4 per 10,000 sedations and there were no deaths.


Though these rates of major complications are relatively low, see our January 25, 2011 Patient Safety Tip of the Week “Procedural Sedation in Children” for a good discussion of the many potential complications, best practices, and recommendations for safe procedural sedation in children.






Kevin G. Couloures KG, Beach M, Cravero JP, et al. Impact of Provider Specialty on Pediatric Procedural Sedation Complication Rates.
Pediatrics published online April 25, 2011














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