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August 2011

NEJM Video on Conscious Sedation for Minor Procedures in Adults



The New England Journal recently has introduced a number of educational video tools on a variety of topics in clinical medicine. One of the most recent is one on “Conscious Sedation for Minor Procedures in Adults”. It’s organized into 13 “chapters”, running the gamut from the credentialing, pre-procedure evaluation, preparation, equipment, monitoring, medications, potential complications, and recovery. It lasts about 13 minutes in all. The video has a very good on discussion of commonly used medications, their half-lifes, and potential need for more than one pharmacological reversal. It also highlights the need for at least two clinicians being involved (one to do the procedure, the other to monitor the patient). It also provides good advice on what clinical features of the patient should merit having an anesthesiologist administer the conscious sedation.


While this video is not enough, by itself, to use as your training material for clinicians requesting facility privileges in conscious sedation, it is a very good adjunct that could be added to your other materials.


The New England Journal now has an excellent collection of video tools, particularly for training on a variety of procedures commonly used in clinical medicine.





Jones DR, Salgo P, Meltzer J. Conscious Sedation for Minor Procedures in Adults.

N Engl J Med 2011; 364: e54 June 23, 2011




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