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August 2013

Joint Commission Formalizes 2014 NPSG on Alarm Management



The Joint Commission has now approved the new National Patient Safety Goal for 2014 on clinical alarm safety and management (NPSG 06.01.01). The content is pretty much as described in our What’s New in the Patient Safety World columns for February 2013 “Joint Commission Proposes New 2014 National Patient Safety Goal” and May 2013 “Joint Commission Sentinel Event Alert: Alarm Safety”. However, the announcement (Joint Commission 2013) has a considerable change in the expected timeline, allowing hospitals much more time for full implementation. The Joint Commission has done this in view of ongoing studies developing best practices for alarm management.


The new NPSG requires as of July 1, 2014 all affected organizations establish alarm system safety as a priority and in 2014 to identify the most important alarm signals to manage (based on input from staff, risk to patients, clinical necessity of alarms vs. unnecessity that might contribute to noise and alarm fatigue, potential for patient harm based on internal incident history, and published best practices and guidelines).


However, it then gives organizations until January 1, 2016 to develop policies and procedures and staff educational programs to manage the alarms identified in the above exercise.


The announcement also provides links to two good websites for tracking best practices and advances in alarm management, the AAMI HTSI website and ECRI Institute’s Alarm Safety Resource Site.


We certainly hope that this “reprieve” does not discourage organizations form moving forward expediently in improving alarm system management. The Joint Commission recognizes that many best practices will be developed or refined over the coming years and presumably is allowing for such changes to impact systems.


A good place to start is our July 2, 2013 Patient Safety Tip of the Week “Issues in Alarm Management” which has some comprehensive recommendations about alarm safety and management. It has many links to useful resources and to many of our prior columns on alarm-related issues that include some chilling stories of adverse outcomes related to improper alarm issues and their root causes.



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