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What’s New in the Patient Safety World

August 2021

The New NY State Law on Nursing Staffing



We’ve done many columns supporting improved nursing staffing, not only to make the lives of our dedicated nurses better, but also as a means to improve patient safety. A year ago we reported on NY State legislative activities on this issue (see our September 1, 2020 Patient Safety Tip of the Week “NY State and Nurse Staffing Issues”).


Well, NY State finally did pass legislation on nursing staffing and the bill was recently signed into law by the governor (Reisman 2021, AP Staff 2021).  But it’s not quite what was originally envisioned.


The previously proposed legislation would have mandated specific nurse:patient ratios for various healthcare venues.


The law that was recently enacted creates staffing committees at New York hospitals to assess guidelines for per patient staffing levels. Hospitals will be required to form committees composed of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, ancillary staff members providing direct patient care, and hospital administrators to form the staffing plans. Plans must be adopted and submitted to the NYS Department of Health by July 1, 2022.


While hospital opposition to mandated nursing staffing issues largely killed prior proposed legislation, the realities created by the COVID-19 pandemic forced the legislature to finally act.


This is certainly a step in the right direction, but we’ll have to take a look in a year to see what sort of staffing plans get approval.




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