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December 2013

Joint Commission CLABSI Toolkit



The Joint Commission, in collaboration with Joint Commission Resources and Joint Commission International, produced a 152-page monograph in 2012 containing the most current information, evidence-based guidance, and resources to assist healthcare organizations in reducing central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs).


Now the Joint Commission, Joint Commission Resources (JCR), and Joint Commission International (JCI) have developed a toolkit to supplement the monograph.


The toolkit and monograph describe the epidemiology, mechanisms, and risk factors for development of CLABSI’s, the economic and human impact, best practices and successful patient safety initiatives to prevent CLABSI's, including the work of Peter Pronovost and colleagues at Johns Hopkins and the Michigan Keystone Project. They emphasize the factors that lead to successful prevention programs.


The toolkit and monograph are loaded with tools to help you have a successful CLABSI prevention program.







The Joint Commission. Preventing Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections – A Global Challenge (monograph). May 16, 2012




The Joint Commission. CLABSI Toolkit - Preventing Central-Line Associated Bloodstream Infections: Useful Tools, An International Perspective. November 20, 2013





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