What’s New in the Patient Safety World

July 2015

New Canadian Patient Safety Institute Toolkit




The Canadian Patient Safety Institute has developed a patient safety and incident management toolkit (CPSI 2015) that has some resources we think you will find very valuable. The toolkit is quite comprehensive and breaks down into 3 sections: (1) system factors (2) patient safety management and (3) incident management.


In the “system factors” section you find, in addition to those organizational issues you’d expect, factors “outside the boundaries” of your organization. These include engaging the public, addressing legislative and regulatory issues, and others.


The patient safety management section has excellent tools and recommendations regarding patient safety culture, promoting teamwork and communication, identifying and prioritizing patient safety goals, monitoring methods, reporting systems and learning systems.


The incident management section obviously deals with incident investigation and root cause analysis but also has good sections on immediate response, disclosure, and follow through plus sections on closing the loop and learning lessons.


The toolkit also has a great list of links to patient safety resources.


And, of course, we’d be remiss if we did not note another great resource just released: NPSF has published a comprehensive resource on doing root cause analyses (NPSF 2015). We’ll likely be doing a full column on that next month.







CPSI (Canadian Patient Safety Institute). Patient Safety and Incident Management Toolkit. CPSI 2015




NPSF (National Patient Safety Foundation) RCA2. Improving Root Cause Analyses and Actions to Prevent Harm. NPSF 2015






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