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June 2010

WHO Checklist for Radiological Interventions


Our regular readers know how we stress the need for use of checklists and for a “timeout” for every procedure, whether at the bedside or in the OR. WHO has come out with a modification of its Surgical Safety Checklist just for radiological procedures. The “WHO Surgical Safety Checklist for Radiological Interventions ONLY”, like its predecessor, has three parts: a sign in, a timeout, and a sign out phase.


The sign in phase includes introduction of all team members and agreement on roles of each. It includes confirmation of the patient identification and the procedure to be performed and the consent for that procedure. It also includes whether site marking has been performed and whether all appropriate imaging studies have been reviewed. It includes a precheck of any anesthesiology equipment and medications to be used and addresses whether pre-procedure antibiotics or VTE prophylaxis are indicated. It asks about factors for bleeding or renal risks. Then it asks whether all equipment needed for the procedure is present and ready to go. Lastly, it encourages discussion of things that could potentially complicate the procedure so all the team can anticipate their roles.


During the timeout phase, the patient’s ASA level and airway risk are assessed, equipment presence and readiness, status of monitoring equipment, anticipated problems, and the surgical site infection bundle components.


The sign out phase included documentation of the name and side of the procedure, status and count of all materials, recording any implanted devices, labeling of any specimens, identification of any equipment issues, and instructions for post-procedural care of othe patient.


This is a useful checklist and could be further modified at your individual sites.






NPSA (UK). WHO Surgical Safety Checklist: for radiological interventions only. April 2010














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