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March 2014

The “Reverse” Perioperative Handoff: ICU to OR



We’ve highlighted perioperative handoffs in several columns (see our Patient Safety Tip of the Week for February 11, 2014 “Another Perioperative Handoff Tool: SWITCH” and our What’s New in the Patient Safety World columns for December 2011 “AORN Perioperative Handoff Toolkit” and March 2012 “More on Perioperative Handoffs”). But those have mostly dealt with handoffs of patients coming out of the OR or PACU.


Now a new study highlights vulnerabilities in handoffs in the opposite direction: from the ICU to the operating room (Evans 2014). The authors cite several case vignettes of problems with patient care emanating from poor handoffs as patients go to the OR from the ICU. They note the inability of the patient to provide history in many cases (altered mental status, sedation, intubation, etc.) increases the need for a detailed clinician-to-clinician handoff.


They also note that most of the standardized handoff formats we’ve discussed in our many columns on handoffs (see list below) don’t work well for this “reverse” perioperative handoff. So they developed their own checklist for this type of handoff and this could be completed on paper or electronic format. This checklist includes not only those items you’d expect in a handoff (demographics, current illness, past medical history, medications, allergies, lab results, etc.) but also specifics about various lines and catheters, DNR status, hemodynamic trends, airway problems, ventilator settings, antibiotic regimens, infusions, cardiac implantable devices, etc.


The authors appropriately note that a mandatory verbal handoff still needs to take place. We’ve stressed on numerous occasions that the combination of written and verbal handoff almost always outperforms handoffs that only use either the written or verbal format. Again, we stress that performing the verbal handoff in a venue free of distractions and interruptions works best and that handoffs are “two-way” where adequate opportunity must be present for the recipient to ask questions and get clarifications.



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