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May 2009        NQF Safe Practices for Better Healthcare


The National Quality Forum (NQF) has issued its 2009 Update to its Safe Practices for Better Healthcare. The original set of safe practices was developed in 2003 and updated in 2006. The current update adds 7 new practices to the set and consolidates several others. Each of the previous practices is also updated where new evidence-based practices have become available.


Each safe practice is discussed in a chapter in the report and there is a discussion of the nature and scope of the problem, the evidence base, the potential economic impact, the settings to which the practice is applicable (though most of the practices apply to all healthcare settings), the appropriate monitoring and measurement strategies, the recommended practices, and the areas for further research.


The report comes in a paperback version for $89.99. It also is available in a downloadable pdf file for $29.99. We prefer the latter – not only is it less expensive but you can easily use the search capabilities to find specific details.


Use of practices that promote patient safety not only benefits our healthcare system in terms of patient outcomes and satisfaction but has a huge potential economic savings to the healthcare system as well.





NQF. Safe Practices for Better Healthcare - 2009 Update A Consensus Report. NQF.  March 2009













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