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May 2014

Frequency of Diagnostic Errors in Outpatients



A new review shows that over 5% of outpatients have errors in diagnosis, about half of which may be potentially harmful (Singh 2014). The authors estimate that such errors in diagnosis may affect 12 million outpatients annually in the US.


In our March 2013 What’s New in the Patient Safety World column “Diagnostic Error in Primary Care” and our January 2014 What’s New in the Patient Safety World column “Trigger Tools to Prevent Diagnostic Delays” we highlighted previous studies by Singh and colleagues (Singh 2013, Murphy 2014)  on diagnostic errors in primary care that used trigger tool methodology. The new study included the previous work and a total of 3 studies using the same definitions and methodologies.


AHRQ, which partially funded the study, did a press release (AHRQ 2014) that also calls attention to the AHRQ toolkit “Improving Your Office Testing Process. A Toolkit for Rapid-Cycle Patient Safety and Quality Improvement” (see our October 2013 What’s New in the Patient Safety World column “New AHRQ Toolkit: Improving Your Office Testing”) and a new set of guides and interactive tools from the ONC to help health care providers more safely use electronic health information technology products, including test results reporting and follow up.


Diagnostic error, and specifically diagnostic error on the outpatient side, is finally receiving the attention it merits. It is important both in its frequent occurrence and the harm that results from it.



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