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May 2016

ECRI Institute’s Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for 2016


Every year ECRI Insitute publishes its Top 10 list of patient safety concerns. Here is their Top 10 list for 2016:


  1. Health IT configurations and organizational workflow that do not support each other
  2. Patient identification errors
  3. Inadequate management of behavioral health issues in non-behavioral-health settings
  4. Inadequate cleaning and disinfection of flexible endoscopes
  5. Inadequate test-result reporting and follow-up
  6. Inadequate monitoring for respiratory depression in patients prescribed opioids
  7. Medication errors related to pounds and kilograms
  8. Unintentionally retained objects despite correct count
  9. Inadequate antimicrobial stewardship
  10. Failure to embrace a culture of safety


The first two are no surprise, given our frequent columns on issues related to healthcare IT and wrong patient issues. Also, the issue of inadequate management of behavioral health problems in non-behavioral health settings has been a frequent topic for us (many columns on suicide on general hospital units, wandering and elopement, and violence in healthcare).


We’ll let you go to the full ECRI list for details. Click here to go to the ECRI Institute site where you can download the list.




ECRI Insitute. Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organizations 2016.




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