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May 2019

ECRI 2019 Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns



Every year ECRI Institute publishes its list of the “Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organizations”.


This year’s ECRI Top 10 list (ECRI 2019):


1. Diagnostic Stewardship and Test Result Management Using EHRs

2. Antimicrobial Stewardship in Physician Practices and Aging Services

3. Burnout and Its Impact on Patient Safety

4. Patient Safety Concerns Involving Mobile Health

5. Reducing Discomfort with Behavioral Health

6. Detecting Changes in a Patient’s Condition

7. Developing and Maintaining Skills

8. Early Recognition of Sepsis across the Continuum

9. Infections from Peripherally Inserted IV Lines

10. Standardizing Safety Efforts across Large Health Systems


We’ve covered most of these topics in numerous columns. As usual, we’ll only comment on a few of this year’s topics and let you go to the ECRI document for details of these and all the others.


ECRI’s #1 would also be our #1. It deals with ensuring that we have systems in place to follow up on all diagnostic studies and ways to communicate results to all appropriate parties. While it focuses on using EHR’s for this purpose, it clearly notes the importance of using all forms of communication to ensure “closing the loop”.


New to this year’s list is #9 “Infections from Peripherally Inserted IV Lines”. So add infection risk to the complications of peripheral IV’s we discussed in our February 26, 2019 Patient Safety Tip of the Week “Vascular Access Device Dislodgements”.


The ECRI report also has links to ECRI’s many fine resources for each topic. We’ll let you go to the full ECRI list for details. Click here to go to the ECRI Institute site where you can download the list. And see the links to our many columns on “closing the loop” listed below.



See also our other columns on communicating significant results:






ECRI Institute. Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for 2019. ECRI Institute 2019






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