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October 2008        Preventing Infection in MRI



Preventing Infection in MRI


In our July 2008 "What’s New in the Patient Safety World"” column we mentioned the issue of nosocomial infection spread via the radiology department. We noted Dr. Peter A. Rothschild had been running an excellent series on “Preventing infection in MRI: Best practices for infection control in and around MRI suites” on the radiology website AuntMinnie.com. That full paper is now available at a commercial website with eleven suggestions for infection control procedures for imaging centers and departments. Also available at that website is a short You Tube video clip. We’re somewhat bothered by the use of this paper in what appears to be a commercial venture marketing pads for MRI’s. Nevertheless, the paper is one we find quite useful in pointing out some of the hazards of the MRI/radiology suite.












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